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#182. Why 10-minutes JAPANESE A Starter Pack is good for you.

Hello. Welcome to Jenni's Pika Pika Japanese.

I have introduced you to cherry blossoms, dogwoods, yaezakura (double-flowered cherry blossoms), and wisteria, but yesterday I saw an article in the newspaper that tulips were at their best in Showa Kinen Park in Tama, Tokyo, so I immediately googled and found beautiful tulips that are indeed at their best right now. There are 267 varieties and 250,000 tulips.

Well, today, I would like to introduce you to a Japanese language learning audiobook.

Today, Japanese language learning is gaining popularity around the world. Some people want to learn in order to watch Japanese anime or play Japanese games without subtitles, while some want to learn about Japanese pop culture, or use the language when they visit Japan. Whatever the motivation is, it's a fact that learning a new language can be time-consuming, expensive, and difficult. That's why DCEC Nihongo Center has created an audiobook which would help beginners learn Japanese by listening to one lesson everyday for just 10 minutes - even in your spare time. The explanations in this audiobook are all in English so even if you have no background in Japanese, you can follow the lessons with ease.

こんにちは。 ジェニのピカピカ日本語へようこそ。


さて、今日は日本語学習アーディオブックをご紹介します。 今、世界中で日本語学習が盛んになっています。日本のアニメを見るため、日本のゲームを字幕なしでプレイするために学ぶ人もいれば、日本のポップカルチャーを学びたい、日本に行ったときに日本語を使いたい、という人もいます。どのような動機であれ、新しい言語を学ぶには時間と費用がかかり、困難であることは事実です。そこでDCEC日本語センターでは、毎日10分、ちょっとした空き時間に1レッスン聴くだけで、初心者が日本語を学べるオーディオブックを作りました。このオーディオブックの解説はすべて英語なので、日本語の知識がなくても、安心してレッスンについていけます。

#182. Why 10-minutes JAPANESE A Starter Pack is good for you.


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