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Today, Japanese language learning is gaining popularity around the world. Some people want to learn in order to watch Japanese anime or play Japanese games without subtitles, while some want to learn about Japanese pop culture, or use the language when they visit Japan. Whatever the motivation is, it's a fact that learning a new language can be time-consuming, expensive, and difficult.

That's why DCEC NIHONGO CENTER offers online courses that allow you to study Japanese at your own pace from the comfort of your home, without having to go through the trouble of attending a Japanese language school in Japan.

Courses range from a trial course of 1 lesson per week or 4 lessons per month to familiarize yourself with the Japanese language, to a course of 2 hours per day, 40 hours per month, or whatever suits your needs.


    OUR  COURSES    

Discover Nihongo:
your gateway to
japanese communication



Starting course focused on being able to converse in Japanese.

Please take a trial lesson first.




Want to learn Nihongo but don't know how to start? Enroll in our Short Course to get an idea and set a foundation on your Nihongo learning journey. This course is recommended for starters and those with no Nihongo background. Once you finish this course, you may decide to continue to take the next Short Course program.

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SHORT COURSE (4 hours/ month)


for only

Introduction 2, Introduction 3, and so on, month by month, according to your wishes.





Are you interested to learn with the goal of passing the JLPT? Enroll in our Intensive Course! This course will be a good start if you would like to prepare for N5 or the beginner level. Let's work together in achieving your Nihongo goals and pass the N5 JLPT exam!



Lump sum      Upon Enrollment        $700

Monthly                                           $190 

    WHY  US ?     

Learner-centered approach

We use role-playing exercises to make the class more engaging.
Methods focused on learning to speak, with an emphasis on listening and speaking.

Highly trained instructors

-Our team receives training from our parent company based in Japan.

Japanese quality service

-We have 18 years of experience providing premium quality service to Japanese and Filipinos.


Our Learner'sFeedback

Sensei attends to our needs and corrects our mistakes, and so far I’m satisfied with the way she teaches. She also gives us extra knowledge about details of the language. 
I like her enthusiastic approach whenever she teaches us and how warm she is as well.


(Introduction to Japanese Learner)

Language/ Culture exchange activities


-Opportunities to interact with Japanese nationals through fun and informational activities.


・Interacting with the native people of Japan broadened my knowledge towards their cultures and traditions. The group discussions was a very fun learning experience. - Daniel

・Everyone is very friendly and the facilitators are very good. The web cafe is very lively.

   - Ria Torres

・It was a wonderful experience having a video call with some real japanese.

・I honestly love this web cafe because i can enhance my listening skill.

・Some words are familiar and some words are not, also i am learning how the speak and the pronunciation.
・I'm looking forward for more of this interaction calls. Thank you for making a call like this.

   - kat rivera

・Since I was having a hard time with my internet that time since it was raining, but according to my friends the cultural exchange with other people in the cafe was a good activity, and how you introduce yourself in Japanese was also a satisfactory part in the web cafe. - Rovic





    ABOUT  US      

We are a Japanese company providing English lessons to Japanese since 2003 both for individual learners and major corporations such as SONY, Rakuten, Riso, SEKISUI, Kumon, etc. with TESDA registered courses.

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