International Imperial Family 国際的な皇族一家




■International Imperial Family 

Characters C - Chan; A - Akihiko

A GV and a learner talking about the Imperial Family.

C: You know what I find amazing? A: What? C: The Imperial Couple are both well-educated and Internationalized. A: Oh, I agree. C: Emperor Naruhito studied in Oxford and was once the president of the World Water Forum while Empress Masako studied in both Oxford and Harvard and is a former career Diplomat. A: Ah, that is, indeed, true. In fact, Empress Masako can even speak five languages in addition to Japanese. C: Really? What languages can she speak? A: She can speak English, Russian, French, Spanish, and German. C: Awesome! They are both very impressive. A: The Imperial Family is very symbolic to Japan. C: This may also symbolize further progress in Japan’s internationalization during the Reiwa era. A: I certainly hope so.


Amazing  凄い Imperial Couple  天皇皇后両陛下 Well-educated  教養のある Internationalized   国際的な World Water Forum   国際水フォーラム Awesome!  物凄い、素晴らしい Impressive   印象的な Imperial Family   皇族 Symbolic  象徴的な Symbolize   象徴する Progress   進める 進捗 Internationalization 国際化 I certainly hope so. 真に願う

●Comprehension and Reflection Questions

1. What does Chan find amazing? a) Japan has entered a new era  b) Japan has a new Emperor  c) Japan has a new Empress d) Japan has a good relationship with the U.S.

2. According to Chan, what may having a well-educated and internationalized Imperial Couple also symbolize?

a) It may also symbolize good tourism in Japan.  b) It may also symbolize further progress in Japan’s internationalization during the Reiwa era.  c) It may also symbolize the pride of Japanese citizens. d) It may also symbolize the good relationships     Japan will have with other countries.

3. Which sentence is NOT correct?  a) Japanese citizens see the Imperial Couple as a symbol. b) Both the Emperor and the Empress studied abroad.   c) Both the Emperor and the Empress can speak six languages. d) Japan may become more internationalized in the future.




C: 僕がびっくりしたことわかる? A: 何? C: 両陛下は2人とも国際的で教養があることです。 A: あ~、そうだね。 C: 徳仁陛下はオックスフォードに就学なされて、しかも世界水フォーラムの   会長でもいらっしゃいました。 雅子陛下はハーバードとオックスフォードで就学なされ外交官でもありました。 A: あっ!確かにそうですね!実際に雅子様は日本語の他に五か国語を喋れます。 C: 本当?何語を喋れるのですか? A: 雅子様は英語、ロシア語、フランス語、スペイン語、ドイツ語です。 C: 素晴らしい!両陛下は共に見事っですね。 A: 皇室は日本の象徴なんです。 C: この事実が令和時代の更なる日本の国際化を象徴しているかもしれません。 A: 勿論そう願っています。