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August 12, 2019

■Feline Friendship

Characters: J - Jim M - Momo

A GV and his learner talk about taking care of cats.

J: Hi Momo! How's your cat? I just remembered you told me he's sick. M: Thank you for your concern sensei. He is getting better. He just had a small cold that’s all. J: Aww. Poor kitty. I think our pets have the same needs as you and me and sometimes even want emotional attention. M: That’s true! I always find my cat rubbing against my ankles whenever I get home. Do you have any pets? J: At the moment my flat does not allow pets but I once rescued four cats during a typhoon back home. M: Four cats! [Gasps] That must have been very expensive. J: Yes it was. I was a college student back then too so my cats kind of consumed part of my food allowance. M: Really? That’s so altruistic of you. J: I couldn’t have thought about leaving them starving or cold outside. So when I took them in, they kinda grew on me. M: I think it is harder to get the affections of a cat compared with a dog. J: That’s true. Cats take a lot of time to warm up to you. It's a lot of effort and resources spent on them so you can have a good relationship with them. M: The rewards are great, though. I barely have any mice or insects crawling in my home. [laughs] J: That’s a good point. Also the joy of taking care of a cat feels very rewarding. Especially getting nuzzles and licks on the cheek from them. M: That’s the cherry on top! That’s why I love my cat. J: Please give him an extra handful of cat food for me. M: Will do!

Vocabulary / Expressions: concern 気遣い     emotional 感情的な、感情の attention 注意、注目 flat     アパート consumed 消費される allowance 手当、小遣い affection 愛情、好意 warm up to ~にだんだん好意的になる Rewards 褒美 cherry on top ケーキに飾りのシェリー        (隠喩の意味)何かを完璧にする最後のモノ

Comprehension questions:

1. Who was sick according to Jim? a)His fellow governor b)The Prime Minister c)Momo’s cat d)The chef of his favorite ramen stand

2. Why can’t Jim own pets ? a)He can’t afford it b)He doesn’t want pets c)He is allergic to their fur d)The place he lives in doesn’t allow it

3. What’s an advantage of having a cat? a)They warn you of intruders b)They catch pests like mice and insects c)They wake you up for work d)They can watch your children while you’re at work

4. What do humans and cats have in common ? a)Both can use computers normally b)Cats are able to talk like humans c)They both can get sick and need attention. d)Cats have opposable thumbs just like humans



J: モモさんの猫ちゃんはどうだい? 病気だと言ったのを   覚えているけど。 M: お気遣いありがとう。よくなって来ています。   少し風邪だっただけです。 J: かわいそうなニャンちゃんだ。ペットたちは私たちのように   ニーズがあり、またたまには感情的な気遣いも求めているね。 M: 本当に。私が家に帰るといつも膝に体をこすりつけてくるよ。   先生もペットが飼っていますか。 J: 現在私のアパートはペット禁止ですけど、国にいるとき、   台風の時に猫を四匹を助けたことがあるよ。 M: 四匹も?(息を呑む)お金がかなりかかっていたでしょう。 J: 確かに。その時まだ学生だったので、その猫たちは私の   食事の小遣いを一部使っていたんだ。 M: 本当?先生って自分の利益を顧みないんだね。 J: 外で寒くて、飢えている猫たちをほっとくのができなかったよ。 家に持って入れると僕になついたみたい。 M: 犬より、猫の方は好きになってくれるのが難しいと思います。 J: 確かに。猫の方は私たちに親しくなるまで時間がかかるよね。   努力して猫達に色々費やして良い関係を作ることができるよね。 M: 報酬は大きいいけどね。家でネズミや虫をあまりみかけたことが  ありません(笑)。 J: それは良いポイントだね。猫の世話をするのもやりがいがある   よね。特に鼻を擦りつけてくれたり、ほっぺをなめてくれたり   するときだね。 M: それは余得ね。だから、うちの猫が大好き! J: 私の代わりに手一杯のキャットフードを更にやって   ください。 M: そうするわ。


June 24, 2019


●Marriage Musings

Characters: N= Nancy E= Emi

A governess and her student were discussing marriage customs in Japan....

N: So Emi, is it common among Japanese couples to use a bridal registry? E: I'm sorry but what is a bridal registry? N: It is a list of gifts that a bride specifies for her wedding. E: Oh my! That is very convenient, I believe. The guests wouldn't be burdened as to what to get for newlywed couples. In Japan, a bridal registry is not a practice. Japanese usually just give money as gifts to the newlyweds. Is giving monetary presents common in the Philippines? N: Actually, it is also common amongst Filipinos. However, we try to put a little style with monetary presents. During the reception, guests would pin money on the bride's gown. E: Wow! That's quite interesting! Maybe I'll do that when I get married. It will be something new for the guests. N: (Laughter) Yes! That's a great idea Emi. But, may I suggest that you still use a bridal registry for nonmonetary gifts? It's a win-win situation. E: That's true! I can get money and kitchenware that I actually need at home. It's perfect!


Musings      物思い、沈思、黙想 Customs 慣習、風習 Bridal registry ブライダル関連商品の購買リスト Convenient     便利な、使いやすい Burdened 重荷を背負った Newlyweds 新婚夫婦 Monetary 金銭の Win-win situation お互いに有利な(メリットのある・得をする)状況 

●Comprehension Questions:

1. What is a bridal registry? a) A list of gifts that a bride specifies for the wedding b) A list of food that a bride specifies for her reception. c) A list of guests for the wedding ceremony d) A list of flowers to be used for the wedding ceremony

2. What do Japanese usually give newly wed couples? a) Kitchenware b) Appliances c) Money d) Flight tickets

3. How do Filipinos accept monetary presents? a) They accept them through mail. b) They pin money on the bride's gown. c) They accept them in an envelope. d) They accept them through bank deposits.


登場人物: N= ナンシー E= エミ


N: エミ、日本のカップルがブライダルレジストリーを使うことは 一般的なの? E: ごめんなさい、ブライダルレジストリーって何? N: 結婚するときに花嫁が指定するお祝いの品のリストのことよ。 E: まあ!なんて便利なの。招待客は新婚夫婦に何をあげるか悩まなくてすむわね。日本ではブライダルレジストリーは習慣ではないわね。日本人は新婚夫婦にはお金を贈るのよ。 フィリピンではお金を渡すお祝いは一般的ではないの? N: 実のところ、フィリピン人の間でもある習慣よ。 でも、金銭的なお祝いにちょっとした流儀があるの。 結婚披露宴のときに招待客が花嫁のドレスにお金をピンで 留めるのよ。  E: わあ!興味深いわねそれ!私が結婚するときにはそれをやろうかしら。招待客にとって新しいことよね。 N:(笑) そうよ!とってもいいアイデアじゃないエミ!でも金銭的なお祝いじゃないブライダルレジストリーを使うことも提案してもいい?お互いにとって好都合だもの。 E: 本当ね!お金も受け取れて、実際私が家にほしいキッチン用品も手に入る。パーフェクトだわ!

June 20, 2019

■Starstruck スターに夢中



さあ今日のダイアログでは、”You're pulling my leg!"とか、"the girls fell head over heels for him"などという表現が出てきますが、あなたはわかりますか?


Characters: J -Jim; K -Kimiko

A learner and her governor talk about celebrities.

J: So Kimiko, what did you do last weekend? K: I was shopping around Ginza, and I thought I saw a celebrity. J: Really? You're pulling my leg! K: Really! I think it was Ryan Gosling. He is so handsome. J: Wow. Congratulations to you! What makes you think he is handsome? K: Well, he has blue eyes, a strong jaw, and broad shoulders. J: Oh? I see. I remember when he was in the movie, "The Notebook." All of the girls fell head over heels for him. K: I love that movie too! It's so romantic, it makes me swoon. J: Oh Kimiko, you're such a typical girl! (laughs) K: Hahaha! I can't help it. I'm only human. J: Well, you should have taken a photo of him. It would last longer. K: But I did! Here, I'll show it to you. (Kimiko hands him her phone.) J: (Looks at the picture, then laughs) I'm sorry Kimiko, but that is not Ryan Gosling. K: What?! Really? I swear it's him. J: (Shows a Google image of the actor) That's Ryan Gosling! You took a picture of some pedestrian. K: Ahhhh! I'm so embarrassed!


starstruck スターストラック 有名人を生で見て惚れる celebrity          有名人、著名人、スター pull one's leg        ふざけて相手をだまそうとする handsome かっこいい、イケメン head over heels       惚れ込む romantic           ロマンティック swoon            うっとりする typical           典型的な I can't help it.       仕方がない I'm only human. 私はただの人間です。 swear            誓う、断言する pedestrian          歩行者 embarrassed