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Showa Day 昭和の日

Hello. Welcome to Jenni's Pika Pika Japanese.

Now, today is Showa Day. Golden Week has finally started.

April 29 used to be a national holiday as "Emperor's Birthday" since it was the Showa Emperor's birthday, but when the Showa Emperor passed away, Emperor Akihito ascended to the throne as the 125th Emperor, and Emperor's Birthday was moved to December 23, Emperor Akihito's birthday. April 29 was changed to “Midori no Hi” because Emperor Showa, who was also a biologist, had a deep knowledge of living creatures and plants and was very fond of nature. “ In 2007, Midori no Hi was moved to May 4, and April 29 was designated as Showa Day. The Showa period lasted for more than 60 years in Japan, during which time the Pacific War broke out and the country experienced hardships and reconstruction, but it was also a period of rapid economic growth and development, with the Tokyo Olympics and Osaka World Expo being held. Showa Day was designated as a day to "reflect on the Showa period, which saw the country's recovery after turbulent days, and to think about the future of the country.

Many families plan to go somewhere during Golden Week, and one of the most popular family outings in Japan during this time of year is strawberry picking. It is very attractive to be able to pick your favorite strawberries and eat as many as you like right there on the spot.

However, as those who have experienced strawberry picking know, even if you want to eat as many as you want, you cannot eat that many. And as you eat more and more, you will gradually lose the impression of the first one.

I thought it would be fun to be able to make something with the strawberries I picked, so I looked online and found it. Yokohama Strawberry Park. At Tokyo Strawberry Park, there is a "Strawberry Farm" where you can enjoy strawberry picking and a "Studio Switch" kitchen studio where you can experience making dishes using strawberries. It is a fun place for families and couples alike.

こんにちは。 ジェニのピカピカ日本語へようこそ。


4月29日は、昭和天皇の誕生日だったので、かつては「天皇誕生日」として祝日でしたが、昭和天皇が崩御されると、明仁天皇が125代天皇として即位され、天皇誕生日は明仁天皇の誕生日12月23日に移動し、4月29日は生物学の研究者でもあった昭和天皇が、生物や植物に造詣が深く自然に親しまれていたことから「みどりの日」に変わりましたが、2007年にはみどりの日を5月4日に移動し、4月29日は昭和の日と定められました。 日本にとって昭和は60年以上続き、その間、太平洋戦争が起き、日本人にとって苦難とそこからの復興の時代であった一方、東京オリンピックや大阪万博が開催され、高度経済成長を遂げ発展の歴史でもあったため、「激動の日々を経て、復興を遂げた昭和の時代をかえりみ、国の将来に思いをいたす」日とされました。

さて、ゴールデンウィークはどこかに出かけようという家族も多いのですが、この時期に日本で家族で行くとしたら定番の一つがイチゴ狩り。 みんなが好きな苺を自分で摘んでその場で好きなだけ食べられるというのはやっぱり魅力的ですよね。


自分で摘んだ苺を使って何かを作ったりできると楽しいのにと思ってネットで探したら、ありました。 横浜ストロベリーパーク。 東京ストロベリーパークにはイチゴ狩りを楽しめる「ストロベリーファーム」にイチゴを使った料理作りを体験できるキッチンスタジオの「スタジオスイッチ」などもあって、自分で世界に一つしかないイチゴのパフェやスムージー、ジャムなどを作れるので、家族連れはもちろんカップルなどでも楽しめそうです。

#189. Showa Day 昭和の日

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