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DCEC NC Web Cafe"Let's travel through Japan through food"May 27th (Monday) 21:00-22:00(JST)

DCEC NC connects foreigners who want to learn Japanese with Japanese people who are learning English, and creates opportunities for them to talk about Japan together in Japanese.​This time, I'll be talking about Japan's unique food in Japanese, including local specialties and street food, which foreigners are interested in.If your application is accepted, we will send you a ZOOM meeting room for the day.Yayoi and Suzuka, who can speak English and Japanese, will serve as facilitators this time as well.I will participate.Please feel free to join us.For those who have applied, we will send you the ZOOM meeting room for the day.​

●Date and time: May 27th (Monday)  21:00~22:00 (Japan time)Participation fee: Free.Please apply using the form below.

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