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#198 Audiobook Sample, grammar N1のN2 & 熊本、くまモン

Hello. Welcome to Jenni's Pika Pika Japanese.

Today's Japanese lesson is "N2 of N1" from Grammar Study. Student (N2) of XYZ University (N1)

I am a student at XYZ University.

Now, please listen to the episode and learn.

By the way, yesterday I introduced Kyushu, and our member Scott shared with us what he did when he went to Kumamoto, so today Scott will talk to you.

Hey there, it's Scott.

Growing up in the US there was always this image of Japan having a mascot character for what seemed like everything. Upon moving to Japan I discovered that that image was actually a reality. The use of mascot characters is extremely widespread here, so much so that every prefecture and even most cities have their own mascots.

Here in this picture is the mascot character of Kumamoto known as Kumamon, a play on the fact that the prefecture has "kuma" (which means “bear”) in its name. Not all mascots are solely based on the name however, many running a wide range of meanings and cultural significance to their specific regions. They act as a way to bring the community together and rally behind whenever the need to support their home prefecture comes up.

#198 Audiobook Sample, grammar N1のN2

こんにちは。 ジェニのピカピカ日本語へようこそ。

今日の日本語学習は、文法学習から、「N1のN2」。 XYZ大学(N1)の学生(N2)







#198 Audiobook Sample, grammar N1のN2




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