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#196. Japanese learning audiobook and HIda Takayama 飛騨高山

Hello. Welcome to Jenni's Pika Pika Japanese.

Japan has stopped accepting foreign tourists until now, but we have received news that the government is now making arrangements to resume accepting new foreign tourists by June.

This is good news for those who want to come to Japan.

However, after June, the strawberry picking and clam digging seasons that I have introduced here will be over, so I was checking for some good places to visit and Hida Takayama came to my attention.

Hida Takayama is a mountain city located in Gifu Prefecture, north of Nagoya, and is a town full of emotion with machiya (traditional townhouse) architecture from the time when it flourished as a merchant town from the late Edo period to the Meiji period, and is designated as a National Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings.

Did you know that?

Well, today's Podcast Episod is about the Japanese learning audiobook "10-munite JAPANESE A Starter Pack" information.

こんにちは。 ジェニのピカピカ日本語へようこそ。






さて、今日のPodcast Episod は、日本語学習オーディオブック「10-munite JAPANESE A Starter Pack」情報です。

#196. Japanese learning audiobook and HIda Takayama 飛騨高山

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