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Hello. Welcome to Jenni's Pika Pika Japanese.

Well, today is a three-day holiday, and it seems that everyone is going to various places, and the train stations seem to be much more crowded than usual.

But do you know what day and what day these three consecutive holidays are?

First of all, today is Constitution Day, tomorrow is Greenery Day. And the day after tomorrow is Children's Day.

Each day is explained in today's podcast episode, so if you listen carefully and study carefully, you will be one step closer to becoming a Japan expert as you study Japanese.

Now, we have introduced you to ways to spend Golden Week such as camping, strawberry picking, and clam digging, but today we would like to introduce you to a place where you can retreat away from your busy life and the hustle and bustle of the city.

In the town of Otaki, located in the middle of the Boso Peninsula in Chiba Prefecture, about 100 minutes from Tokyo Station by train, there are several lodging facilities located in old private homes built around 1900.

Some of them have a nostalgic atmosphere with a sunken hearth, and you can even barbecue under the eaves of the house.

Also, at this time of year, Kurohara Fudo Falls on the Nishihata River in Otaki Town is known as the waterfall where carp streamers swim.

こんにちは。 ジェニのピカピカ日本語へようこそ。









#192. Golden Week 2 ゴールデンウィーク 2





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