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Today, it is very warm with a high temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, as if the cold weather was a lie.

A couple of days ago it was so cold that I was running a heater, but now I want an air conditioner, and if I am not careful, I might get sick.

Today, I would like to introduce the basic form of "X is Y" from the grammar part of the Audio Book.

X : subject,noun is : perticle Y : predicate, noun or adjective is : copular

I (X) am Kling .

Please listen to the audio and practice.

Now, the cherry blossom season is over, but I would like to introduce a sakura anpan that I received. Sakura Anpan is an anpan with salted cherry blossoms on top and cherry bean paste inside. The Sakura Anpan is made by removing the salt from the pickled cherry blossoms, chopping them into small pieces, and mixing them with white bean paste. It is light pink in color and has a slightly salty flavor.




X : 主語、名詞 は : 不変化詞 Y : 述語, 名詞、形容詞 です : 連結詞



さて、もう桜のシーズンは終了ですが、桜アンパンをいただいたのでご紹介します。 桜アンパンは、上に桜の花の塩漬けを載せ中には桜餡を入れたアンパンです。 桜餡は桜の花の塩漬けの塩抜きをして細かく刻んだうえで白あんと混ぜて作ります。 薄いピンク色でほんのり塩気が効いたあんこです。

#176. Audiobook sample, grammar XはYです


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